Seductiveness of Women’s Lips and Smile

In the expressiveness of the face, not the last role is played by the lips, their sensually curved line, women with beautiful lips excite men like nothing else. The dynamics of the face are filled with a wandering smile that radiates spiritual warmth in a tantalizing way, and this causes others to have genuine interest and an irresistible desire to communicate with you.

Remember the half-mystical smile of Gioconda (Mona Lisa) by the great Leonardo da Vinci, who has been mysteriously looking at men for centuries, as if smiling to herself.

Therefore, you know, women with beautiful smile are remembered for a long time. The attractiveness of a smile in its uniqueness and individuality, as it most accurately reflects your inner state. That sincerity of feelings, generosity of emotions is the magnetism that fills your smile and attracts men to you. And the synchronous mimicry palette of the game of eyebrows and lips, when a smile hides in the corners of the lips, eyebrows raised from surprise, it all disarms men, and they are yours. When your inner state is opposite to your smile and facial expressions, this falsehood is immediately read on your lips.

A natural smile will only be such if you really start to enjoy life. If your teeth do not look very beautiful and flawless, or if the upper gum sticks out, it is better to smile with your mouth closed. To complement the seductive image of your smile, bowing your head slightly will help, and the half-open part of the neck. The game of lips in conversation, while tasting wine in a glass, attracts the eyes of men, waking up erotic fantasies in them. With the tip of a slightly extracted tongue, indicate that you are licking your upper lip. Remember that this is sort of justified, but not so intense, you are not devouring crumbs after eating. Open your mouth, put your lips together, as if you are uttering the letter “O” – this is a direct sexual non-verbal signal to the action of the hunter.

Watch out for his passion. Now you understand that a woman’s smile can work wonders, but you need to learn everything, so let’s learn to smile. Be sure to visit the following link to find out all about turning on girls.


Stand in front of the mirror, smile to yourself, remembering something pleasant, such as a good moment in your life, compliments of men. Know, that women who don’t smile are less attracting.


See, smile and think about how cute you are, kind, gentle, attractive.

Tell yourself that all your dreams and hopes will come true.

This relaxation of muscles will remove fatigue from your face, smooth out wrinkles that can age you for several years.

After all, a cheerful smile and an optimistic outlook on life will allow you to get rid of these wrinkles and preserve charming youth.

Wear a smile everywhere, smile not only to your friends, but also to any person that is in any way neutral to you, like a cashier at a store. And now the smile becomes an attribute of your everyday look, and not a forced or contorted grimace. Then the representatives of the strong half of humanity will have a hard time tearing their eyes away from you. Women with sexy lips got their attention for good Let every man think that you smile at him personally, which will make him aware of his exclusivity in your eyes and serve as a guarantee of further meetings.


The main feature of the psychological mechanism of your attractiveness is that many oncoming men should smile at you. And then your partner subconsciously takes into account the smiles of his competitors, and this causes him a slight feeling of jealousy and excites rivalry. Your smile reveals your character and predicts the style of behavior of your partner. The smile of a woman’s face, and not of lips alone, is what’s very important for flirting.

Throw away the mask of the past, find your real face!

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